Interview with Humanist Social Reformer Tony Robinson

Interview with Humanist Social Reformer Tony Robinson by David Andersson   Our humanity is facing one of the most profound challenges we have ever faced. We find ourselves in uncharted territory, as COVID-19 has put in question

How Will UBI Affect Non-Profits?

Universal Basic Income Getting More Notice In Wake Of COVID-19 Crisis by Mark Hrywna Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) were always the developments that were

The $1,200 coronavirus checks, explained

After a week of Congress members and the Trump administration proposing various plans to get cash into the hands of Americans to help them weather the coronavirus crisis,

Is UBI in New York City’s future?

We’re down to single digits. Eight Democratic presidential candidates remain after three dropped out this week: Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, former Gov. Deval Patrick

Push for UBI continues on

Andrew Yang’s bid for the Democratic nomination is over, but supporters of his basic income policy say his campaign was just the beginning. [“You know

Child Poverty is a Moral Tragedy

Nearly 1 in 5 American children is officially poor. That’s roughly 15 million kids. But the number living with a significant deprivation–insufficient food, seriously overcrowded

The great Indian basic income debate

Basic income is becoming a real and tangible policy consideration in India. In the past decade, many prominent Indian economists have put forward proposals for

An Anarchist Case for UBI

There’s a common misconception that the idea of universal basic income is an example of bigger government, but as this anarchist case for UBI makes,

What Money Can Buy

The idea that a country should provide its citizens with an infusion of cash on a regular basis has cropped up repeatedly over the course