Basic Income March planned on October 26 in New York City with satellite marches in Berlin and Amsterdam

Scott Santens, Basic Income Today

On October 26th, 2019, people will be taking to the streets in New York City, Berlin, and Amsterdam to march in support of the idea of universal basic income. As the date approaches, cities around the world are invited to plan their own marches in solidarity, so what is beginning with three cities, may end up being a much larger list.

New York’s Basic Income March will begin in South Bronx at Hostos College where gathering will begin at 12 PM Eastern. At 12:50 PM there will be a warm up and greeting with the Theatre of the Oppressed NYC. Kick-off of the marching itself will begin at 1 PM with a speech by NY-13 congressional candidate James Felton Keith, followed by a pit-stop speech at the National Action Network by the Reverend Al Sharpton at 1:30 PM. Final speeches will take place at the end of the route at Convent Baptist Church at 2 PM, where speakers will include Mayor Ras J. Baraka of Newark, NY-15 congressional candidate Chivona Renee Newsome, and Black Lives Matter’s Chairman Black Lives Matter. I will be among the speakers as well.

As of right now, Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang is not scheduled to appear at the march, but there will be representatives from his campaign in attendance, and among them may include the potential next First Lady, Evelyn Yang, whom Yang has referred to recently on the campaign trail as his “secret weapon.”

You can RSVP to the march on You can also stay up to date on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Organizers have requested that those who wish to help promote the event on social media use the hashtag #BasicIncomeMarch.

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