Universal basic income is about universal basic security

Imagine, for a moment, that the robots have won. The year is 2049—the same year researchers once pegged as the one in which A.I. would become smart enough to pen a bestselling book more adeptly than a human author could. Technological advancements have upended the transportation, manufacturing and retail sectors, rendering nearly half of the U.S. jobs that existed in the year 2020 obsolete. You’ve just had a surgery—a relatively minor, outpatient procedure performed by a surgical robot—and now you’re on your way to the

Income Inequality

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Do markets require redistribution to avoid market failure due to excessive inequality?

Wealth inequality is escalating at an alarming rate not only within the U.S. but also in countries as diverse …

The Great Depression of the 1930s was exacerbated by a series of policy blunders. Photograph: Bettmann Archive

With growth this tepid, is it time to give ‘helicopter money’ a whirl?

Growth is the default setting for modern economies. Humans innovate and improve, find better ways of doing things. Only …


The Significance of an Unconditional $1,000 per month

Andrew Yang’s plan to provide $1,000 in government-sponsored payments to every American adult each month — an “allowance for …


‘Socialism for the rich’: the evils of bad economics

Article originally published on June 6th, 2019. In most rich countries, inequality is rising, and has been rising for …

Pilots & Experiments

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California state lawmaker introduces bill to create universal basic income of $1K a month

California Assemblyman Evan Low (D) introduced a bill this week to create a universal basic income in the state, …

Grace receives $22 a month as part of a 12-year universal basic income study run by the charity GiveDirectly that began in October 2016 in Western Kenya. Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images

The Many Places Basic Income Has Been Tried Out in Some Way

After hundreds of years, basic income seems to be finally catching on. The general idea — that the government should give …

Washington state Sen. Joe Nguyen has proposed conducting a two-year test of a universal basic income program, in which 500 adults statewide would be given $500 a month.(Rachel La Corte/AP)

Two-Year Universal Basic Income Pilot Proposed in Washington State

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has made waves in the Democratic primary contest by proposing that every U.S. adult receive …

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Hull asks to be first UK city to trial universal basic income

Hull wants to become the first UK city to test a weekly universal basic income for its residents after …

The Social Debate

A man carries a sign supporting former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang's plan for a $1000 monthly universal basic income. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Universal basic income is gaining ground in some cities

NEWARK, N.J. — Local leaders across the United States are turning to private donors to fund an out-of-the-box policy …

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Is UBI in New York City’s future?

We’re down to single digits. Eight Democratic presidential candidates remain after three dropped out this week: Senator Michael Bennet …

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Push for UBI continues on

Andrew Yang’s bid for the Democratic nomination is over, but supporters of his basic income policy say his campaign …

Andrew Yang arrives to speak at the McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner, in Manchester, NH.

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Andrew Yang is out – for now

Right up until the end, Andrew Yang held out hope that New Hampshire would give his underdog campaign the jolt it …

Social Justice

Success Stories

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How UBI Affects People’s Lives: A Compilation of Experiences from Basic Income Recipients

“In my experience, there is no clearer understanding of the concept of unconditional basic income than among those who …

Chuck, Janelle and Jodie inside their home in Goffstown. They were selected to receive $12,000 by 2020 candidate Andrew Yang.

One Year on Andrew Yang’s UBI: How a N.H. Family Spent Their $12,000

How would an extra $12,000 a year change your lifestyle? Your life? The centerpiece of Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign …

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Early Results from Stockton’s $500/mo Basic Income Pilot

Stockton, California gave money to random recipients from neighborhoods where the median annual income is $46,000 – no strings …


A photo update from 5 families receiving a basic income

In 2017, GiveDirectly launched a Universal Basic Income Program. As part of this program, we are running a randomized control …

The Basics of UBI


Universal basic income is about universal basic security

Imagine, for a moment, that the robots have won. The year is 2049—the same year researchers once pegged as …

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We All Deserve An Income Floor: Why the Bold Policy of Basic Income Works

If guaranteed income is an attempt to provide people with more resources—resources that come with very few restrictions—it demands …

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The Fall and Rise of the Basic Income Movement

Forty years ago today—February 7, 1980—was a small milestone for the Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement: Milton and Rose Friedman dedicated …

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How a VAT could tax the rich and pay for universal basic income

The Congressional Budget Office just projected a series of $1 trillion budget deficits—as far as the eye can see. Narrowing …

Workforce Automation

The new report argues for introducing a minimum gig wage and giving employees a greater voice. Photograph: Martin Godwin/The Guardian

Gig economy traps workers in precarious existence, says report

Far from providing flexible jobs for complex modern lives, gig economy companies, such as Uber and Deliveroo, increasingly trap workers in a …

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The case against the flawed argument that automation is nothing to worry about

There are two general philosophical camps when considering the automated future: those who believe it will be a time …


How the Next Decade’s Technological Tsunami Will Change Life as We Know It

This time a decade ago, there was no such thing as an iPad. There were no food delivery meal …


More than 1.6 million secretarial and administrative-assistant jobs have vanished since 2000, an almost 40% decline

The Vanishing Executive Assistant Executive assistants once ran the office. Increasingly, the office runs without them. The decline of …