Opinion: Democrats should be courting Romney, not Manchin

By Max Ghenis Original article: When President Joe Biden announced the Build Back Better framework in October, he called it “the most transformative investment in children

The Child Tax Credit is money well spent

Parents and caregivers have put the money toward debt and household expenses, U.S. Census Bureau surveys have found.  By Ella Ceron and Kelsey Butler Original article: The

Opinion: Radical hope may be coming from South Korea

Lee Jae-myung’s progressive platform in the presidential race could give transformative politics a boost globally. By Neil Howard Original article: In the face of

Panel proposes South Africa gradually start implementing basic income

By Prinesha Naidoo Original article: A panel recommends South Africa gradually implements a basic income grant, beginning with the institutionalisation of a monthly welfare payment

Losing congressional candidate claims winner cheated by running on UBI

By Terry Spencer Original article: FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The Democratic Florida congressional candidate who lost a special election primary by five votes

Opinion: Time for a citizen dividend

By Guest Contributor Original article: Guaranteed income programs are popping up everywhere in the US. It is time to expand beyond local pilot programs and embrace

Twice as many UK voters support UBI than oppose it

44% of respondents support the idea of a universal basic income compared to 23% who oppose it. By Basit Mahmood Original article: Almost twice

Why Michael Tubbs says he’s obsessed with ending poverty

By Lorie Konish Original article: Michael Tubbs had the odds stacked against him while growing up in Stockton, California, as the son of a

Protesting Activists in South Africa Demand Basic Income

Protesters march on National Treasury after budget last week By Mosima Rafapa Original article: About 80 people marched to the offices of the National Treasury

Basic income for all: Lee Jae-myung’s plan to reshape South Korea

Presidential hopeful wants universal basic income to ease economic disparities By Kim Jaewon Original article: SEOUL — Universal basic income, which has been gaining

Japan to send cash payments to all households with children

Reporting by Chang-Ran Kim, Elaine Lies and Kantaro Komiya; Writing by Leika Kihara; Editing by Gerry Doyle and Edwina Gibbs Original article: TOKYO, Nov

The Freiburg Institute for Basic Income Studies: UBI and Gender

by Serkan Simsir Original article: The Freiburg Institute for Basic Income Studies (FRIBIS), a network of several faculties at the University of Freiburg, has expanded

Companies ‘must offer more to workers or face exodus’

Thinktank says higher pay, shorter working week or better benefits can help solve labour market crisis By Larry Elliott Original article: Companies need to

Study: Poor parents receiving universal payments spend more on kids

By Sara Zaske, WSU News & Media Relations Original article: PULLMAN, Wash. –  When given cash with no strings attached, low- and middle-income parents increased their

The Alarm Surrounding The National Debt Is Misguided

By Warren Mosler Original article: As the U.S. public debt approaches $30 trillion, the same misguided alarms have been sounding that I’ve been hearing

Time For Carbon Fee and Dividend

Original article: A key piece of President Joe Biden’s plan to address climate change in his Build Back Better plan appears to be dead.

Where are the workers? Cutoff of jobless aid spurs no influx

By Christopher Rugaber, Casey Smith and Larry Fenn Original article: INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Earlier this year, an insistent cry arose from business leaders and Republican

UBI Gains a Friend in High Places

He is best known for his work on a Stockton pilot project that provided $500 a month to a small group of low-income residents. By Carla

Towards a post-toil world

OP-ED: Can the Covid-19 pandemic bring us out of the vicious cycle of working ourselves to death? By: Mohammad Tareq Hasan In today’s world, we

Insecurity Is the Real Enemy

There is a commonly held belief that poverty is not the result of any systemic failure, but the personal failure of the impoverished. This view is just

The Case for Universal Property

An idea pioneered by Alaska could inoculate society against extreme inequality By James K. Boyce When voters went to the polls in November, one outcome was

What Is the Real Meaning of Dignity?

Few people appreciate the extraordinary impact human dignity has on our everyday lives. By: Donna Hicks Ph.D. At about the same time that I realized