Up to $850 in Stimulus Checks Could Be Coming for People in 11 States

By: Kristi Pahr

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During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government released trillions of dollars into the economy in the form of stimulus payments to individuals and businesses. Those payments were lifesavers for many families, allowing for the purchase of necessities during uncertain economic times. The federal stimulus has since dried up — especially with budget-saving line items like the Child Tax Credit long gone (at least for now). However, families are still struggling under the weight of record-high inflation and stagnant low wages.

In response to the need many Americans are still facing, several state governments have stepped up to the plate and are pledging stimulus funds to residents. Though not all the proposals are official yet, here are the 11 states who have stimulus checks or tax relief on the docket for 2022.


Thanks to two years of budget surplus, California residents might have some relief from skyrocketing gas prices over the summer. Governor Gavin Newsom proposed sending debit cards to car owners, one debit card per car with a limit of two per household, for $400 to be used for fuel. Cards could be released as early as July.


According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, Peach State residents who filed their 2020 and 2021 taxes are eligible for a rebate from the state’s tax surplus. Governor Brian Kemp recently approved payments based on tax filing status: single filers or filers who are married filing separately will receive $250, heads of household should expect $375, and married couples who filed jointly will receive $500. If money is owed to the state in the form of taxes or delinquent child support payments, for example, the amounts received could be lower. Residents would expect the amount added onto their tax refund or in a separate payment if they filed before Gov. Kemp signed the bill into law.


Hawaii residents who earn less than $100,000 should expect a payment of $300. Those who make more than $100,000 will receive $100. In January, Governor David Ige proposed $100 for all state residents, but in the spring, state legislators increased the amount. The payments are intended for earners and their dependents, meaning a family of four earning less than $100,00 could receive up to $1,200.


In January, Governor Brad Little approved a bill that would provide Idahoans with a rebate of 12% of their 2020 state tax or $75, whichever is greater. The rebates are intended for earners and their dependents. Payments began in March, and those who receive their tax refunds via direct deposit will be the first to see their rebates.


Governor J.B. Pritzker recently approved a groundbreaking state budget that will provide rebates of $100 per adult and $50 per dependent to be received this fall. They are also pushing for a moratorium on grocery taxes, $300 in property tax relief, and a 10-day freeze on school supply sales taxes.


Thanks to a budget surplus, Indian residents who filed their 2020 taxes before January 2022 should expect a one-time payment of $125 or $250 for married couples who filed jointly to hit their bank accounts over the summer. Payments began in May and will continue throughout the summer.


Governor Janet Mills signed legislation providing a one-time relief payment of $850 to full-time Mainers making less than $100,000, $150,00 for head of household, or $200,00 for married couples who filed their taxes jointly. Residents who file their 2021 taxes by October 31 are eligible even if they owe tax money to the state.

New Jersey

Last year, Governor Phil Murphy approved one-time $500 payments for families. Recently, the governor planned to add workers who filed taxes with a tax identification number instead of a social security number, meaning non-citizens, their spouses, and dependents would also be eligible for the refund.

New Mexico

New Mexico residents have multiple refunds to look forward to this year. In July, single filers who earned less than 75,00 and married couples who earned less than 150,000 and who filed 2021 taxes will receive payments of $250 or $500, respectively. Additional payments of $500 and $1000 for single and married filers will be paid in two separate payments and released in June and August.

New York

Though New Yorkers don’t have cold, hard cash to look forward to, Governor Kathy Hochul enacted budget relief plans that include property tax relief of up to $970 and a suspension of the $0.16 gas tax through the end of the year to help ease the economic burden felt by many this year. The property tax credit is available to those earning less than $250,000 per year.


Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has proposed eliminating the state’s grocery tax, which currently sits at 2.5%, and suspending the 26.2 cents per gallon gas tax for one year. The two bills advocating for these cuts are now being argued on the statehouse floor though opponents have effectively stalled the gas tax relief bill.

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