Survey: Majority of Germans in favor of unconditional basic income

Survey: Majority of Germans in favor of unconditional basic income
Survey: Majority of Germans in favor of unconditional basic income

By Berliner Zeitung.
Translation by Raymond R. Watson, M.A.

According to a study people, particularly young people, are in
favor of a basic income. Even those who are very concerned
about the climate and the environment are more likely to be in
favor of a UBI.

The majority of Germany’s population is in favor of an
unconditional basic income. This was the result of two surveys
conducted in the summer of 2022 conducted by the German
Institute for Economic Research (DIW) in Berlin, Germany. The
results of the surveys showed that 53 percent of respondents
were in favor of this particular social model, while 36 percent
were against it.

Researchers from DIW and the University of Konstanz located
in Baden-Württemberg, Germany also found that people with
low incomes experiencing personal, financial challenges
support introducing an unconditional basic income. A basic
income of €1200 per month (US$1290) received the most

Study: Whoever considers climate protection important is
also in favor of a UBI

The study found that to finance a basic income most
respondents support an increase in income and wealth taxes.
One of the authors from the DIW study, Juergen Schupp said:

“Politically, the idea of an unconditional basic income is highly
controversial, but for years has been immensely popular among
the German population.”

He argues that UBI be taken into
account in future debates on reforms to the German social

The impactful study analyzed whether people are in favor or not
of a basic income in connection with social and demographic
characteristics such as age, household income or life
satisfaction. A total of 2,000 eligible voters were interviewed.

Younger people, people with low income or low life satisfaction
in particular are thus in favor of a basic income. Respondents
greatly concerned about climate and the environment also
would have favored a basic income.

In recent years the issue has already been seriously debated
politically in Berlin – but poignantly unsuccessful. A referendum
held in the German capital in the fall of 2022 called “Expedition
Grundeinkommen” (Expedition Basic Income) failed to meet the
legally defined target for signatures. Thus, the corresponding
initiative could not take place.

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