B.C. women demanding guaranteed basic income for Canadians

By: Michael Williams

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Women throughout B.C. are putting up banners across 13 different locations in the province, demanding Guaranteed Basic Income for everyone in Canada.

The province-wide action is put on by BC Women’s Alliance on Sunday. One volunteer, Jacqueline Gullion explains it is calling on MPs from B.C. constituencies to support two bills that are currently being debated at the Senate and house of commons.

“The two bills and in fact, our campaign, are all kind of aligned on some of the same principles … One is at the Canadian parliament and one is Senate. Both of those bills are calling for the development of a national framework for guaranteed basic income. And that framework should be developed in consultation with reps from the provincial governments. So that would entitle everyone in Canada to have access to a basic livable income,” she told CityNews.

While the campaign initially started because of the concern for women impacted throughout the pandemic, “We settled on a campaign for guaranteed livable income as the most valuable thing we could pursue for women.”

However, Gullion emphasizes a guaranteed livable income would benefit everyone.

“There’s a lot of different philosophies on how the implementation should go. What our group thinks is most valuable is that it should be available to anyone, and it should not be contingent on work. So it would be most useful for people who cannot work, cannot get adequate paid work, cannot get full-time work. But our philosophy is it should not be dependent on the pursuit of, or look for work.”

Gullion says the parliamentary budget office – a branch of the feds said the country could afford a basic income without any new taxes or increase in taxes.
British Columbians will see banners in Kelowna, Chase, Nelson, Langley, and Prince George to name a few.

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