Portland, Maine Exploring Universal Basic Income Program

Portland, Maine Exploring Universal Basic Income Program

The Portland City Council’s Housing and Economic Development Committee recently released a draft of their 2024 Work Plan, which includes exploring the implementation of a universal basic income (UBI) and a possible increase of the city’s minimum wage to $20 per hour.

Norway to become next country to run a basic income pilot

Norway to become next country to run a basic income pilot

By providing a guaranteed minimum income to all young people under the age of 30 who are out of work or further education, the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration in this city hopes to encourage more people to enter the workforce. But will they bother to work then?

Proposal would bar universal basic income programs in Iowa

Proposal would bar universal basic income programs in Iowa

Calling taxpayer-funded basic income programs “insane,” “socialism on steroids” and “an attack on American values,” a pair of Republican state lawmakers on Thursday advanced legislation that would prohibit such programs in Iowa.

Update on the Catalonia UBI pilot

By: Peter Knight See original post here. The Universal Basic Income (UBI) pilot plan is one of the projects that the Catalan Government will carry out

Public consultation on Basic Income for the Arts pilot scheme received 1,269 largely positive responses from artists, creative workers and the public

Original Post: Following the launch of the online public consultation on the Basic Income for the Arts pilot scheme earlier this year, a report about the

1,000 Phoenix Families Have Begun Receiving $1,000 a Month

Phoenix City Hall. Each family selected is expected to receive $12,000 over the next 12 months. By: ELIAS WEISS. Original Post: Phoenix families selected

Maine contemplating basic income pilot

Bipartisan support exists for a 2019 basic income proposal that would supplement the safety net for Mainers in need. By Randy Billings Original article: Sass

Rochester City Council approves guaranteed basic income pilot

By James Battaglia, Jack Watson Original article: ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — In its meeting Tuesday night, Rochester City Council unanimously approved a measure to create a

Providence’s guaranteed basic income pilot kicks off

By Amy Russo Original article: PROVIDENCE — The city’s guaranteed income program saw more than 4,000 applicants for 110 spots, the city announced Wednesday, giving a

Togo Leads the Way in Direct Cash Transfers

By Ted Alcorn Original article: Atani Bamaze was working his small plot of land, scything weeds down to the rust-colored soil, when he received a

South San Francisco launches guaranteed income program

By Jesse Bedayn Original article: South San Francisco this month sent out the first $500 monthly checks to around 150 low-income families to spend however

Could a guaranteed basic income program be coming to Detroit?

By Jim Kiertzner Original article: (WXYZ) — Two of the newly elected Detroit City Council members have floated the idea of a guaranteed basic income

Atlanta experiments with guaranteed basic income programs

By Thomas Wheatley Original article: How could a monthly $800 check change your life? Atlanta may soon find out as it tests two guaranteed income pilot

Fremont City Leaders Vote to Study Universal Basic Income Pilot Program

By Bob Redell Original article: Fremont could become the next Bay Area city to create universal basic income for residents as city leaders late Tuesday

Pre-filed bill would establish basic income program in Kentucky

By Bryce Shreve Original article: FRANKFORT, Ky. — A bill pre-filed in Kentucky’s general assembly aims to establish universal basic income (UBI) in the Commonwealth.

The basic income versus government services debate in Chicago

By Blair Paddock Original article: Chicagoans might see a trial of universal basic income. Last week, Chicago aldermen approved a resolution calling for the

The basic income study that wasn’t

A British Columbia government-commissioned report dismissed the idea of a basic income, much to the disappointment of some antipoverty advocates. By: By Yuen Pau Woo.

It is time for Ottawa to test Basic Income

By Spectator EditorialThe Hamilton Spectator Hamilton is fortunate to have an organization like the Hamilton Community Foundation day in and out working to improve the life

Wales to Pilot Universal Basic Income

Campaigners hail ‘huge moment’ as first minister commits to trials of payments to cover living costs Steven Morris @stevenmorris20 Fri 14 May 2021 10.38 EDT

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