Alexandria guaranteed income program will soon provide people with $500 every month for 2 years

By: Brittney Melton

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A guaranteed income pilot program in Alexandria, that is launching soon, will provide select residents with $500 every month for two years. 

The Virginia city announced Thursday that the application period for Alexandria’s Recurring Income for Success and Equity (ARISE) will be available online starting on Oct. 31 through Nov. 9, 2022.  

The program will randomly select 170 eligible applicants and provide them with $500 every month for 24 months to be spent however they want. 

These pilot programs have proven to impact poverty and economic inequity, according to a news release. ARISE will allow the city to test a bold approach to ensuring people have what they need to make decisions to better support their well-being and way of life.

“We are providing financial resources to individuals and families so they are empowered to decide how to best meet the needs in their lives,” Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson said.

“We are creating this unique program to evolve the ways that we assist our neighbors in need of extra support. That is what ARISE is about.”

There are no citizenship or work requirements to be eligible. To qualify, Alexandria residents must be 18 years or older and fall within an income cap, which are at or below 50% of Alexandria’s area median income.

All eligible residents are encouraged to apply for the chance to receive the extra income.

Click here for information on the program, including application help and details on qualifying zip codes.

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