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Pro-UBI Candidate in South Korea Barely Loses Presidential Election

By: Jeong-Ho Lee. Original Post: https://lmtribune.com/world/south-korea-elects-yoon-as-new-president-in-hawkish-turn/article_16d2247b-f400-59f0-a242-d292a1eb3ae3.html Former top prosecutor Yoon Suk-yeol won election as South Korea’s president, returning the conservative opposition to power after five

Basic income for all: Lee Jae-myung’s plan to reshape South Korea

Presidential hopeful wants universal basic income to ease economic disparities By Kim Jaewon Original article: https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Asia-Insight/Cash-for-all-Lee-Jae-myung-s-radical-plan-to-reshape-South-Korea SEOUL — Universal basic income, which has been gaining