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South Korea’s UBI-Inspired Experiment to Boost the Economy

By: Scott Santens. What South Korea is doing does not meet the definition of basic income, as it opts …

Gyeonggi Province Gov. Lee Jae-myung proposed a basic income of 500,000 won ($430) a year per person this year. (Photo by Sotaro Suzuki)

The debate on universal basic income has gained momentum in South Korea

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred a debate about guaranteeing basic income to all citizens.   By: SOTARO SUZUKI, Nikkei …

The Jeonju city government said about 50,000 economically vulnerable citizens, including unemployed people, will receive an 'anti-disaster basic income' of 527,158 won (US$430) per person, as part of its efforts to overcome the economic fallout from COVID. Korea Times file

City in South Korea begins paying anti-disaster basic income to residents

Jeonju, a southwestern South Korean city, said Friday it will pay half a million won each to about 50,000 …