Basic Income Pilot to Launch in South Africa in 2021

One South Africa Movement leader, Mmusi Maimane

One South Africa Movement leader Mmusi Maimane says they will pilot the country’s first Basic Income Grant model called Rightful Share, early next year.

Maimane says the model would be piloted in a rural part of the country, yet to be announced. The model would see 120 people receiving a monthly income of R1 200 for 18 months.

Any person between the ages of 18 and 59 may apply.

The money would be paid unconditionally to compensate for past economic exclusion.

Privately-funded initially, the first payment is expected to be made in March next year.

Maimane, explaining the purpose of the initiative, says, “It’s about creating legislation to not just do good, but really empower, to form or measure, to say BEEE in some ways did not succeed to empower poor, therefore, introduce Rightful Share, rightful in that many citizens, their rights are taken out, left out of SA economy and today’s policy seeks to address that.”

Maimane says with an eye on the 2024 national elections, he is identifying candidates who can take up issues for communities as independent candidates.

And he might be one of them.

“And what I would like is that in 2024, we can put together candidates from all over that are brilliant. If I happen to be one of them, that is fine. But the point is that you are building candidates that are accountable to communities and be accountable to those communities rather than swear allegiance to political parties.”

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