Andrew and Evelyn Yang Sign With CAA

Erik Hayden, The Hollywood Reporter

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Since exiting the presidential race, the former candidate has joined CNN and launched his own advocacy organization.

Less than a month after exiting the Democratic presidential primary, Andrew Yang has found new representation.

The entrepreneur, whose signature plan would be to give every U.S. adult a “freedom dividend” of $1,000 a month in universal basic income, has signed with CAA, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Evelyn Yang, who is married to Andrew, has signed with the agency as well.

The candidate left the race Feb. 11 after finishing in fifth place in New Hampshire. However, Yang was able to build a sizable grassroots organization and had raised $16.5 million in donations in the fourth quarter of 2019. His coalition included Tesla mogul Elon Musk as well as Hollywood backers like Donald Glover and Dave Chappelle.

Yang has been keeping busy in the past month, signing on as a CNN political commentator and regularly offering analysis for the network’s election coverage through Super Tuesday voting. As for seeking political office, Yang has said he’s looking for executive roles rather than legislative opportunities and has been speculated to be a New York mayoral candidate.

On March 5, Yang also unveiled his new advocacy organization Humanity Forward to advance his policy agenda. “I am thrilled to announce that today we are launching a new nonprofit called Humanity Forward that will champion the main ideas of my campaign: universal basic income for all Americans, an economy that works for us and the fact that our data should be ours even if we’re loaning it to the tech companies,” Yang said on ABC’s The View on Thursday.

He added, to applause from the audience, “We already have pledges of $3 million that we’re going to give away to everyday Americans around the country in the days ahead. But the goal is to build a movement. This is going to be a grassroots campaign, or organization, in the months ahead.”

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