Editorial: UBI is the recognition that racial justice and economic justice are inextricably intertwined

By Scott Santens.   Hearing protestors chant in unison, “I can’t breathe,” is something that hits viscerally. It’s a call for the importance of our individual lives. We have the right to life, and we want to stay alive. George Floyd was dispossessed of the air he needed to exist. He was killed. Withholding air is also not the only way of dispossessing someone of their rightful access to what they need to live. We all need air, but we

Income Inequality

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Pilots & Experiments


The Great Equalizer

Article originally published on April 19, 2019. Gatlinburg, Tenn. — A billowing haze really does thread through Great Smoky …

Facebook's founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks at the Viva Tech start-up and technology summit in Paris, France, May 24, 2018. REUTERS/Charles Platiau - RC16176F1100

One thousand people in two U.S. states will be given $1,000 a month in basic income for three years.

Article orginally published June 10, 2019. SAN FRANCISCO – Silicon Valley has a role to play in uncovering the …

Boston, Massachusetts at the Public Garden in the spring time.

Massachusetts is considering a three-year $1000 per month UBI pilot for 100 residents

Originally published on June 23, 2019. BOSTON (AP) — A bill under consideration at the Massachusetts Statehouse is aimed …


Sheffield’s city council backs basic income trial

Article originally published on June 12, 2019. Sheffield has moved closer to becoming one of the first UK cities …

The Social Debate

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Stacey Abrams, Cory Booker and Andrew Yang announce push to provide direct cash payments to SNAP recipients

(CNN) – Stacey Abrams joined forces Andrew Yang on Tuesday to announce the launch of a new campaign aimed at providing $1,000 in …

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Coronavirus crisis may prompt policymakers to seriously consider pros, cons of universal basic income, says Stanford scholar

Until now, universal basic income – a concept that would give all members of society an unconditional, guaranteed cash …

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MSNBC’s Ali Velshi: Universal Basic Income is the Solution

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on how universal basic income will protect Americans as automation shrinks the workforce, especially those living …

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the state of emergency will last until May 6, adding that the goal is for residents to limit contact with others by up to 80%.
Franck Robichon/AP

Declaring a National Emergency, Japan Responds with a Fully Universal 100,000 Yen ($930) Stimulus Check to All Citizens

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a nationwide state of emergency, expanding the one put in place less than …

Andrew Yang

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Success Stories

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The Basics of UBI


Event: 18th Annual North American Basic Income Congress in NYC, June 15-16, 2019

The 18th Annual North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) Congress will be held June 15-16, 2019 at the Silberman …


Top 10 Basic Income Articles of 2018

As a moderator of the /r/BasicIncome subreddit, I read a lot of links every year about UBI, probably around …


George McGovern Proposed a Universal Basic Income. It Didn’t Go Well for Him.

Proposing to give every American a basic income hurt George McGovern in 1972. Maybe it will work better for …

Newark to Test Universal-Basic-Income Program

Newark mayor Ras Baraka announced last week that the city will pursue a universal-basic-income pilot program that would provide …

Workforce Automation


Axios special report … The new gig: America’s hidden economy

More Americans are working than ever before, but a growing number of them aren’t 9-to-5 employees, nor skilled freelancers …

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How the World Can Prepare for Automation in the Future

Robert Schiller is one of the most well-known economists in the world. In the past, he has made bold …


Walmart unveils an AI-powered store of the future, now open to the public

Walmart this morning unveiled a new “store of the future” and test grounds for emerging technologies, including AI-enabled cameras …

In this Thursday, May 24, 2018, photo a Boston Dynamics SpotMini robot is walks through a conference room during a robotics summit in Boston. It's never been clear whether robotics company Boston Dynamics is making killing machines, household helpers, or something else entirely. But the secretive firm, which for nine years has unnerved viewers with YouTube videos of robots that jump, gallop or prowl like animal predators, is starting to emerge from a quarter-century of stealth. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Job losses and flat wages caused by automation in manufacturing states influenced the outcome of the 2016 presidential election

The robots are coming, and they’re bearing pizzas – or soon will be. In a pilot program that could …