Nearly one third of people that have gone back to work after being laid off during the coronavirus pandemic have lost their jobs again, study finds

Nearly one third of people that have gone back to work after being laid off during the coronavirus pandemic have lost their jobs again, study finds By: Carmen Reinicke   KEY TAKE-AWAYS As many as 31% of workers who were initially added back to payrolls after COVID-19 layoffs have been laid off again, a study from Cornell University showed. In addition, another 26% that have returned to work have been told by employers that they’re at risk of another layoff or

Income Inequality

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Pilots & Experiments

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Hull asks to be first UK city to trial universal basic income

Hull wants to become the first UK city to test a weekly universal basic income for its residents after …

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - Former foster youth and Razing the Bar co-founder Dontae Lartigue works, Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020, at his non-profit in San Jose, Calif., helping foster youth with professional development. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

Why one Bay Area County Is Exploring Basic Income for Former Foster Youth

When Dontae Lartigue left foster care right before his 19th birthday in 2009, finding housing in Santa Clara County …

Santa Clara County explores universal basic income for youth transitioning out of foster care
Jesse Gary reports

Santa Clara County considers $1,000 monthly payment to youth transitioning out of foster care

Transitioning into adulthood can be an arduous period for many people. But especially so for the young men and …

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Pro footballer Sadio Mane is providing UBI to a poor region of Senegal

Out of the three members of Liverpool’s trident attack, Sadio Mané is probably the most low-key when it comes to …

The Social Debate


UBI could help ease the transition to a climate-safe economy and weather the natural and economic storms to come

Should Environmentalists Embrace Universal Basic Income? Cash payments from the government could help ease the transition to a climate-safe …


Former Prime Minister of New Zealand throws her support behind a guaranteed income as a buffer against loneliness and mental distress

Guaranteed minimum income needed to cure loneliness epidemic after COVID-19 – Helen Clark Foundation by Dan Satherley   Former …


Why the coronavirus pandemic has increased support for Universal Basic Income

Why has the pandemic increased support for Universal Basic Income? by Daniel Nettle.   COVID-19 has led to a …


Universal basic income and a four-day work week: the post-coronavirus world Wales’ future generations commissioner wants to see

A four-day week and universal basic income: the post-coronavirus world Wales’s future tsar wants to see UK-wide Sophie Howe …

Andrew Yang


The Second Round of Democratic debates demonstrated that change isn’t just coming: It’s here

The Democratic debates this week demonstrated that change isn’t just coming: It’s here. To watch Elizabeth Warren and Bernie …


National Survey: Universal Basic Income Has Majority Support From Democrats, Voters Under 50, And Earners Under $50,000

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is running a campaign that centers on the effects of automation on the current …


Editorial: Andrew Yang makes U.S. history by introducing the idea of universal basic income onto the national debate stage

On June 27, history was made when during the second night of the first U.S. Presidential debate for the …


Andrew Yang: We’re undergoing the greatest economic transformation in our history

To view a short video of Andrew Yang, click here. “We are undergoing the greatest economic transformation in our …

Success Stories

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The Basics of UBI

Ludwig Hilberseimer, Bauhaus 3-2, 1929

New working paper explores a UBI in NYC and finds it would not lead to housing inflation

Skeptics of guaranteed income tend to worry about the policy’s inflationary effects; absent rent regulation, for instance, one might …


The UBI Maze | Reflections on ‘The Future of Work, Technology and Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the proposal that the state should provide a guaranteed income floor to everybody, as …

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Eleven Nobel Laureates Who Have Endorsed Universal Basic Income

The idea of an unconditional basic income (UBI) floor where everyone starts with the same minimum amount of money as everyone …


The crazy, true story of Nixon and basic income

Tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are talking up the idea of a universal basic income. But …

Workforce Automation


Why are populists talking about trade instead of the tech revolution?

This week’s nightmare is the arrival of Boris Johnson; the autumn brings the Brexit watershed. Soon after, the 2020 …


Universal Basic Income and the Philosophy of Freedom in the Age of Automation

“Work is the best remedy for any shock,” wrote Arthur C. Clarke in his classic novel, 2001: A Space Odyssey. …


The future began four decades ago

If you’re an optimist about the robotic future, you likely hear talk that we’re all going to lose our …


Automation could widen disparities between high-growth cities and struggling rural areas, and between high-wage workers and everyone else

Advancing technology and automation are likely to hit rural areas and the middle class hardest, according to a new …