Nearly one third of people that have gone back to work after being laid off during the coronavirus pandemic have lost their jobs again, study finds

Nearly one third of people that have gone back to work after being laid off during the coronavirus pandemic have lost their jobs again, study finds By: Carmen Reinicke   KEY TAKE-AWAYS As many as 31% of workers who were initially added back to payrolls after COVID-19 layoffs have been laid off again, a study from Cornell University showed. In addition, another 26% that have returned to work have been told by employers that they’re at risk of another layoff or

Income Inequality

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Pilots & Experiments

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Privately-Funded Basic Income Experiment Begins in Japan

Overview of the Social Experiment The ‘Maezawa Basic Income Social Experiment 2020’ is a monetary giveaway project in which …

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California state lawmaker introduces bill to create universal basic income of $1K a month

California Assemblyman Evan Low (D) introduced a bill this week to create a universal basic income in the state, …

Grace receives $22 a month as part of a 12-year universal basic income study run by the charity GiveDirectly that began in October 2016 in Western Kenya. Yasuyoshi Chiba/AFP/Getty Images

The Many Places Basic Income Has Been Tried Out in Some Way

After hundreds of years, basic income seems to be finally catching on. The general idea — that the government should give …

Washington state Sen. Joe Nguyen has proposed conducting a two-year test of a universal basic income program, in which 500 adults statewide would be given $500 a month.(Rachel La Corte/AP)

Two-Year Universal Basic Income Pilot Proposed in Washington State

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has made waves in the Democratic primary contest by proposing that every U.S. adult receive …

The Social Debate


Bernie Sanders Calls on ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate to Approve $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Payments

Sanders Calls on ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate to Approve $2,000 Monthly Checks, Cancel Rent, and Expand Medicare “This I know: nothing …


Assistance Secretary-General of the UN: ‘UBI is the best solution to stopping economies tipping over the edge’

Will a Universal Basic Income save post-pandemic Asia? Kanni Wignaraja, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, speaks exclusively to …


UBI would revolutionize mothers’ lives, whose unpaid work keeps society going

Universal basic income would revolutionize mothers’ lives, whose unpaid work keeps society going by Maggie Gordon-Walker     There’s …


How to build a better Canada after COVID-19: Transform CERB into a basic annual income program

How to build a better Canada after COVID-19: Transform CERB into a basic annual income program Gregory C Mason   This …

Andrew Yang


The Feminist Case for Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend

Andrew Yang may well be the most feminist candidate running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, although it might …


Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend Is Only A Step Toward Elon Musk’s Basic Income Vision

Andrew Yang has managed to stay in the Texas Hold’em tournament past the first bubble. Unlike other outsiders, he …


Andrew Yang responds to Bernie Sanders’ dismissal of universal basic income

Presidential candidate Andrew Yang on Tuesday fired back at Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s (I-Vt.) after the senator criticized him for …


Elon Musk: ‘I support Yang’ and universal basic income is ‘obviously needed’

• Elon Musk has endorsed serial entrepreneur Andrew Yang’s run for Democratic presidential candidate, mostly based on the latter’s …

Success Stories


Finland’s basic income trial: A springboard for bolder experiments?

Finland’s flirtation with a basic income model will probably continue in some form, says a senior official at the …


A pilot project to distribute basic income to poverty-stricken single African-American mothers in Mississippi.

This Sunday, all over America, little hands will prepare trays with bowls of cereal and small glasses of orange …


A Canadian Guy on Basic Income – A Success Story

James Collura was a recipient of basic income in Ontario’s recently cancelled Basic Income Pilot experiment. This is his …

Why Universal Basic Income Works: GiveDirectly’s Program in Rural Kenya

Over the past decade, the implementation of universal basic income (UBI) programs has skyrocketed, and the concept has increasingly …

The Basics of UBI

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The Fall and Rise of the Basic Income Movement

Forty years ago today—February 7, 1980—was a small milestone for the Universal Basic Income (UBI) movement: Milton and Rose Friedman dedicated …

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How a VAT could tax the rich and pay for universal basic income

The Congressional Budget Office just projected a series of $1 trillion budget deficits—as far as the eye can see. Narrowing …

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Canada can end poverty and shrink inequality by adding an annual basic income guarantee of $22K, new report says

Canada can afford to eliminate poverty, support the middle class and dramatically shrink the gap between the rich and …

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The Decade of Universal Basic Income

One thing to celebrate from the 21st-century “teens” – the rise of universal basic income (UBI). We’ve started a …

Workforce Automation


Fast-food industry on a path to be the first to fully automate

KEY POINTS: • Panera Bread loses close to 100% of its workers every year. • For fast-food chains employee …


The Robots Are Coming…To Free You

In this series Luke explores the Eight Modern Giants introduced by Economist Guy Standing in his recent report Basic …


Automation Could Force Millions of Women to Find New Jobs

The study, released Tuesday, shows technological advancements affect the genders nearly evenly. That finding upends the notion that automation hits …


Code-breaking quantum computers are significantly closer to reality than anyone suspected

Many people worry that quantum computers will be able to crack certain codes used to send secure messages. The …