The Future of Work: A VICE News Special Report

The next Industrial Revolution is upon us, and scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are warning of an imminent paradigm shift in the future of work. In partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, VICE talks to industry leaders and laborers to learn how radical developments in automation and artificial intelligence are set to change the world of work as we know it. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, VICE’s Future of Work explores technology’s threat to the

Income Inequality


Universal Basic Income: Brexit-Voting Sheffield May Be England’s First Test

Sheffield, a 500,000-strong city that narrowly voted in favor of Brexit three years ago, could be the first city …


A Nobel Prize winner in economics just backed basic income

Basic income is having a whirlwind year, and it was just galvanized even further by the support of Angus …

Pilots & Experiments


Sheffield’s city council backs basic income trial

Article originally published on June 12, 2019. Sheffield has moved closer to becoming one of the first UK cities …


Small city in Brazil implements a modest, partial basic income

Article originally published on May 31st, 2019. Last Saturday, May 25th 2019, an event took place in Marica, a …

Labour would trial universal basic income if elected, John McDonnell says

Labour would trial universal basic income if it wins power, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has revealed. Pilot schemes would …


RSA: The case for basic income is growing. Scotland can take it forward.

The fundamental case for a basic income is that greater freedom can flow from economic security. By providing every …

The Social Debate


Elon Musk: ‘I support Yang’ and universal basic income is ‘obviously needed’

• Elon Musk has endorsed serial entrepreneur Andrew Yang’s run for Democratic presidential candidate, mostly based on the latter’s …


The Second Round of Democratic debates demonstrated that change isn’t just coming: It’s here

The Democratic debates this week demonstrated that change isn’t just coming: It’s here. To watch Elizabeth Warren and Bernie …


Opinion: Universal Basic Income is Superior to a $15 Minimum Wage

In this piece, author Jessica Flanigan makes the case that UBI is a better solution than raising the minimum …


Editorial: Andrew Yang makes U.S. history by introducing the idea of universal basic income onto the national debate stage

On June 27, history was made when during the second night of the first U.S. Presidential debate for the …

Social Justice

Success Stories

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The Basics of UBI



Book Here With prominent business and government leaders backing calls to implement Universal Basic Income (UBI), the idea is …

We’ve declared a climate emergency – here’s what universal basic income could do to help the planet

Article originally published on May 17, 2019. Governments around the world are declaring “climate and environmental emergencies” to highlight the …


Could social security be the foundation for a growing basic income system?

Basic Income is everywhere these days. The idea that anyone could receive monthly payments to supplement–or even replace–their regular …


Alberta could implement guaranteed basic income with no major new funding needed: report

Alberta could reduce poverty and introduce a guaranteed basic income with virtually no new funding by simply tweaking how …

Workforce Automation


Automation could widen disparities between high-growth cities and struggling rural areas, and between high-wage workers and everyone else

Advancing technology and automation are likely to hit rural areas and the middle class hardest, according to a new …

Robotization will add $5T to the world economy by 2030, but job losses will require programs like UBI to distribute the robotics dividend

Robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world by 2030, economists claimed Wednesday. According to a …


Opinion: Changing my Mind about AI, Universal Basic Income, and the Value of Data

In this very lengthy and incredibly thought-provoking think-piece, Vi Hart, former researcher at YC Research and current researcher at …


Self-driving cars in Las Vegas have already completed 50,000 rides with the average ride receiving a rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars

Originally published June 3rd. A little more than a year ago, self-driving software company Aptiv and Lyft launched a …