Universal basic income is about universal basic security

Imagine, for a moment, that the robots have won. The year is 2049—the same year researchers once pegged as the one in which A.I. would become smart enough to pen a bestselling book more adeptly than a human author could. Technological advancements have upended the transportation, manufacturing and retail sectors, rendering nearly half of the U.S. jobs that existed in the year 2020 obsolete. You’ve just had a surgery—a relatively minor, outpatient procedure performed by a surgical robot—and now you’re on your way to the

Income Inequality


Toward a Just Economy: How a Universal Basic Income Can Curb Racial Inequality

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 19, 2019 CONTACT: Ariela Weinberger, aweinberger@rooseveltinstitute.org Toward a Just Economy: How a Universal Basic Income …


Feds urged to consider basic income to help ‘gig’ workers

Article originally published June 11, 2019. OTTAWA — A cross-party committee of MPs says it’s time for the government …


The net worth of the average 18-35-year-old in the US has plunged 34% since 1996 to below $8,000 and only 20% are better off now than in ’07

Article originally published on 05/31/19. The net worth of the average 18- to 35-year-old has plummeted 34 percent since …

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OTTAWA — A cross-party committee of MPs says it’s time for the government to take a deeper look at a guaranteed minimum income to help work

Article originally published on June 11, 2019. OTTAWA — A cross-party committee of MPs says it’s time for the …

Pilots & Experiments

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - Former foster youth and Razing the Bar co-founder Dontae Lartigue works, Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2020, at his non-profit in San Jose, Calif., helping foster youth with professional development. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

Why one Bay Area County Is Exploring Basic Income for Former Foster Youth

When Dontae Lartigue left foster care right before his 19th birthday in 2009, finding housing in Santa Clara County …

Santa Clara County explores universal basic income for youth transitioning out of foster care
Jesse Gary reports

Santa Clara County considers $1,000 monthly payment to youth transitioning out of foster care

Transitioning into adulthood can be an arduous period for many people. But especially so for the young men and …

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Pro footballer Sadio Mane is providing UBI to a poor region of Senegal

Out of the three members of Liverpool’s trident attack, Sadio Mané is probably the most low-key when it comes to …

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A Japanese Billionaire UBI Supporter is Giving $9,000 to 1,000 People

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japanese fashion tycoon Yusaku Maezawa is giving away $9 million to his Twitter followers in what he …

The Social Debate

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Why universal basic income won’t die with Andrew Yang’s campaign

Andrew Yang, the 45-year-old firebrand of the universal basic income movement, ended his campaign for the American presidency Tuesday …

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Andrew Yang has dropped out of the race for president but UBI is here to stay

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Andrew Yang — the unknown entrepreneur turned Democratic presidential candidate — is ending his presidential …

“We need to human up and stop focusing on relatively trivial distinctions,” Andrew Yang says. Christopher Lee for The New York Times

Did I Just Get Yanged?

It was New Year’s Eve, and I had decided to spend it with Andrew Yang. A self-described “Asian man …

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan (C) was at the launch of his parties manifesto today

Ireland Green Party manifesto features universal basic income

A universal basic income, free public transport for students and light rail systems for Cork and Galway are amongst the promises …

Social Justice

Success Stories


Andrew Yang puts his universal basic income plan to the test

Chad Sziszak didn’t believe it at first. He got an email from Andrew Yang’s campaign that he would receive …


Mayor Of Stockton, Calif., Discusses Universal Basic Income Program Results

MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: What would you do with an extra 500 bucks a month, no strings attached? Well, thanks …


Experiment with basic income in Stockton is demonstrating how people spend it

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — The first data from an experiment in a California city where needy people get $500 …


Opinion: Universal basic income can work. I know it could be the difference between life and death

I am the daughter of a single mother, a mother who raised me and my sister with the help …

The Basics of UBI

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Canada can end poverty and shrink inequality by adding an annual basic income guarantee of $22K, new report says

Canada can afford to eliminate poverty, support the middle class and dramatically shrink the gap between the rich and …

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The Decade of Universal Basic Income

One thing to celebrate from the 21st-century “teens” – the rise of universal basic income (UBI). We’ve started a …

Ludwig Hilberseimer, Bauhaus 3-2, 1929

New working paper explores a UBI in NYC and finds it would not lead to housing inflation

Skeptics of guaranteed income tend to worry about the policy’s inflationary effects; absent rent regulation, for instance, one might …


The UBI Maze | Reflections on ‘The Future of Work, Technology and Basic Income

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the proposal that the state should provide a guaranteed income floor to everybody, as …

Workforce Automation

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Let’s Rethink What Counts as Paid Work

As artificial intelligence and automation multiply, so do dystopian predictions that millions of employees will become redundant, their tasks …


Robot bartending company is handing out cash to the people it is replacing

There’s no doubt that automation is going to have a massive impact on employment over the coming decades. Whether …

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The Future of Work: A VICE News Special Report

The next Industrial Revolution is upon us, and scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are warning of an imminent paradigm shift …

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Amazon Is Planning to Open Cashierless Supermarkets Next Year

Amazon.com Inc. is preparing to open Amazon Go supermarkets and pop-up stores, an expansion of the company’s cashierless ambitions …