How the UK welfare system discriminates against women

By: Lydia Godden – @Lydia_godden. Following 10 years of tory-driven austerity and the introduction of Universal Credit, our current welfare system fails to protect the most vulnerable women in our society. At present, according to the House of Commons Library 86% of austerity cuts have fallen on women (1). This is largely because men still disproportionately earn more than women, who therefore, are more likely to claim benefits that have experienced cuts, such as child tax credit. Now, more than

Income Inequality

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Pilots & Experiments


Basic income is paving a path to freedom in Kenya

Beyond Trafficking and Slavery: Tell us a bit about the basic income trial that Give Directly, your NGO, is …


Workers Strength Fund giving 500 gig workers in four cities $1,000 in no-strings-attached cash

Over the past few years, an increasing number of countries have witnessed a demand for basic income. India too …


Google and GiveDirectly are creating a rapid response team to immediately provide unconditional cash to victims of the next natural disaster

Every natural disaster is different, and how people respond in their aftermath is different, too. For aid groups that …


The Future of Basic Income in Finland

The April 2019 elections in Finland saw a shift away from the status quo and the resulting government now …

The Social Debate


156 economists sign open letter calling for monthly recurring cash stimulus payments for as long as necessary

‘An essential tool:’ 156 top economists call for recurring stimulus checks until the economy recovers from the coronavirus pandemic …


UK Considers Universal Consumption Vouchers

Sunak considers £500 vouchers for all UK adults to spend in Covid-hit firms Chancellor urged to introduce a scheme …


Bernie Sanders Calls on ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate to Approve $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Payments

Sanders Calls on ‘Do-Nothing’ Senate to Approve $2,000 Monthly Checks, Cancel Rent, and Expand Medicare “This I know: nothing …


Assistance Secretary-General of the UN: ‘UBI is the best solution to stopping economies tipping over the edge’

Will a Universal Basic Income save post-pandemic Asia? Kanni Wignaraja, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, speaks exclusively to …

Andrew Yang

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Success Stories

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The Basics of UBI


Basic Income as a Policy Lever: Can UBI Reduce Crime?

The idea of a universal basic income (UBI)—an unconditional payment, without means-test or work requirement—has recently seen a resurgence …


Why Legendary Economists Have Liked Universal Basic Income.

Is socialism on the march in the U.S., as President Donald Trump warned in the State of the Union …


Why ‘Universal Basic Services’ is no alternative to Basic Income

Free ‘universal basic services’ has recently been advocated as a better alternative to a basic income, on the grounds that …


‘Universal Basic Income is the best way to distribute an equity stake in productivity’: James Felton Keith

New York’s first queer, black congressional candidate, James Felton Keith, tells The Sociable that a Universal Basic Income is …

Workforce Automation


Walmart is assembling an army of thousands of robots that it’s putting to work in its stores

Walmart is going all-in on robots. In a statement released on its blog on Tuesday, the retail giant said …


How the World Can Prepare for Automation in the Future

Robert Schiller is one of the most well-known economists in the world. In the past, he has made bold …

Ricky Gervais is hosting the Golden Globes for the 5th and very last time

Obama: Consider a universal basic income.

In his first major speech since leaving office, former President Barack Obama endorsed the idea of providing a universal …


Nixon-era proposal to give “basic income” to all people springs back to life

Andy Stern spent his career organizing service workers, fighting for higher wages and improving working conditions as head of …