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Scott Santens
Editor, Basic Income Today

About this community:

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a form of social security that guarantees a certain amount of money to every citizen within a given governed population, without having to pass a test or fulfill a work requirement. Every Universal Basic Income plan can be different in terms of amount or design.

The Basic Income Today community was created to provide news and information about UBI and to further the discussion and debate about UBI and how it impacts workers’ purpose, identity, dignity, and the economy at large.

About the editor:

Described by historian Rutger Bregman as "by far, the most effective basic income activist out there," Scott Santens has lived with a crowdfunded monthly basic income since 2016 and has been a moderator of the Basic Income community on Reddit since 2013. As a writer and blogger, his pieces about basic income have appeared in The Huffington Post, The Boston Globe, TechCrunch, Vox, the World Economic Forum, Politico, Business Insider, and Futurism among others. As a public speaker, he presented at the first World Summit on Technological Unemployment and has given keynotes and participated as a panelist at conferences across the United States and the world. He is on the board of directors of the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity, and USBIG, Inc., while also serving as an advisor to the Economic Security Project and Universal Income Project. He holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology and his home is in New Orleans, Louisiana where he's lived since 2009.